Why choose Economove?

There are many great moving companies, What makes Economove different?

We know the importance of your time. Moving can be overwhelming and sometimes you just need people to get stuff done with out being supervised. Our teams are self-motivated and happy to help with everything from getting the last few boxes ready to disassembling furniture or positioning the furniture before we leave. We're here with you until the end. 

Choosing the right moving company is important. We take pride in our customer service and will be here when you need us. Things come up, appointments need to be changed. Questions arise. Rest easy knowing that will be be in communication with you. Appointments will receive email confirmation upon booking and again 24 hours prior to your move date. Your move is not just another job to us. We look forward to knowing you and seeing what unique challenges we can overcome.

Specializing in In-state moving Economove is one of the the most top-rated moving companies in the St. Cloud area, formed in 2019 with a few friends and a truck.  We have been working since then to develop a team that we can be proud of. We have learned through experience. We know the value of an honest agreement to work hard until the job is done. Our services require that we have only the most trustworthy team members to be allowed in your home moving your belongings.  We are not the biggest company out there, but we know who we have.  Upfront pricing, reliability, and professionalism is what we are made of.

"Efficient" is the most commonly used term in our reviews, we believe an hourly rate is only as good as the team on the job.